Areas of Responsibility   

The following is a listing of current job responsibilities of employees in the Chapter 13 Trustee's Office. Please refer to this list when contacting our office regarding your case. Our phone number is (361) 883-5786.

Please understand that this office is prohibited by law from providing legal advice. If you have a legal question, contact your attorney. If you talk with an office staff member, no information communicated to you is intended to constitute legal advice.

Chapter 13 Trustee's Office - Areas of Responsibility   

This information is subject to change without notice

 NamePhone ExtensionArea of Responsibility
Rita Munoz-BrownExt. 405

Operations Manager

Mike BoudlocheExt. 402

Motions to Borrow and Sell

Katy MillsExt. 436

Staff Attorney

Vicki McElroyExt. 449

Legal Secretary

Mary LysingerExt. 403

Emergency Savings Fund & Motions to Registry

Debby FerrellExt. 429

Business 341's &  Business Confirmation

Jennifer VasquezExt. 452

McAllen 341 & Confirmation

Bridget SiffordExt. 451

Corpus Christi 341, Confirmation & Modification

Mark PerezExt. 445

Brownsville & McAllen Modifications

Tracey LopezExt. 440

Brownsville 341 & Confirmation

Debbie TonerExt. 441

Dismissals - All Divisions

Anna RiveraExt. 423

Proof of Claims & All Mortgage Claims

Chi DinhExt. 416

Case Closings

Mary SchmidtExt. 417

Wage Orders

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